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Experience and Expertise

Our stucco company has been providing stucco services for many years, and we have adeptly honed our skills in delivering quality results. We have worked on numerous projects, from small residential buildings to large commercial structures. Our team of professionals has completed various stucco finishes, such as conventional stucco, EIFS stucco, and one-coat stucco with accuracy and precision. Our experience and expertise allow us to provide you with the best quality stucco services that satisfy your aesthetic cravings and building codes.

Quality Materials

At Murrieta Stucco and Plastering, we understand the importance of using high-quality materials that will stand the test of time. We source our materials from reputable suppliers who specialize in stucco materials, ensuring that they meet industry standards. Our materials are efficient and long-lasting, providing you with high-quality finishes for your building project.

Customizable Designs

We understand that every client has different preferences and visions. Our stucco company in Murrieta, CA offers customizable designs that cater to different styles and needs. We work closely with you to understand your vision, and we provide you with various style options that best suit your needs. Our team of creative stucco experts will work tirelessly to ensure your project meets your unique style requirements.

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Don’t Take Our Word For It. Hear What Our Customers Say!

When it comes to your home, you want to make sure it looks its best. At Murrieta Stucco and Plastering the exterior of your home is the first thing people see, so making it look great is a priority. That’s where our stucco services come in. We’ve been providing high-quality stucco services to homeowners for years, and we’re proud to have a reputation for excellence. Here, we’ll be sharing testimonials from some of our satisfied customers who had their homes transformed with our stucco services in Murrieta, CA.

“I was hesitant to get stucco done to our home, but after researching different companies and seeing their work, I went with this Murrieta Stucco and Plastering. They were very professional from start to finish. Their staff was very friendly and easy to work with. Our stucco turned out beautiful and I couldn’t be happier.” – Lilly P.

“We had our home’s stucco redone by this Murrieta Stucco and Plastering and it looks amazing. The team of workers was very skilled and professional, and they paid attention to all the details. I was impressed with how they handled the project and it turned out to be exactly what we were looking for.” – Sarah D.

“We were so pleased with the service and quality of work that we received from this Murrieta Stucco and Plastering. They worked very hard and diligently on our stucco project and it paid off in the end. Their workmanship was fantastic and they helped us transform the look of our home. We highly recommend them!” – John K.

Frequently Asked Stucco Questions

Stucco is a popular material for homes and buildings due to its versatility and durability. Stucco is a type of plaster that is commonly used as an exterior covering for buildings, but it can also be used as an interior wall finish. At Murrieta Stucco and Plastering, we offer a wide range of services related to the installation and repair of stucco. Here, we will answer four frequently asked questions about our stucco services in Murrieta, CA.

The process for stucco installation involves a few steps. First, we will prepare the surfaces that will be covered with stucco. This may involve cleaning the surface, applying a primer, and/or adding a layer of mesh reinforcement. Next, we will apply the stucco to the surface using a trowel, creating a flat and even surface. This may be done in multiple layers, depending on the desired thickness of the stucco. Finally, we will allow the stucco to dry and cure, which typically takes several days.

Stucco is a durable material that can last for many years. In general, stucco can last for 50 years or more if it is properly installed and maintained. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and repainting, can help to extend the life of stucco. However, stucco can become damaged over time due to weather, improper installation, or other factors.

We offer a variety of stucco materials and finishes to match your design preferences and budget. Our stucco options include traditional cement stucco, acrylic stucco, and synthetic stucco. We can also apply different finishes, such as smooth, textured, or patterned, to achieve the look you want.

Yes, we offer stucco repair services for both residential and commercial properties. Some common types of stucco repairs include fixing cracks, repairing holes, and repainting the surface. Our stucco repair services in Murrieta, CA are designed to restore the appearance and functionality of your stucco.

Let’s Work Together!

Our stucco company in Murrieta, CA is the perfect option for all your exterior wall coating project needs! Our experienced and highly qualified stucco professionals know how to get the job done right, the first time. We offer a variety of services to fit our customer’s individual needs, including application services, repairs or replacements due to damage, restoration projects, and more. With thousands of satisfied customers who have taken advantage of our services, you can be sure that we will exceed your expectations. Let us put our knowledge and experience to use on your project today. Working together we can make your ultimate vision come alive!